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Urban Wellness was formed as a partnership with over 40 years of health and biochemistry experience. Urban Wellness is and will continue to be the leaders of CBD manufacturing, production, and distribution. Whether your desire is the world’s best raw material to manufacture your own products or to purchase our custom made industry leading products we hope to be your choice for CBD consumption. 

Urban Wellness’s CBD oil is derived from the finest quality European grown industrial hemp and is produced using 100% solvent free CO2 extraction in a state of the art laboratory in the United States. This extraction process pulls all of the beautiful full spectrum bio-actives of hemp all into one from the water soluble compounds all the way to the fat soluble parts. We offer CBD oil in raw material form, incredible vapor lines, sublingual lozenges, vitamin capsules, salves, lotions, tinctures, and shampoo and conditioners. Moving forward Urban Wellness will be at the forefront of bringing new CBD products to market.  

In regards vapor products, which is our fastest growing market we have created vapor lines Metropolis, Delta Herbals, Good CBD, and our new Green Cross which is an incredible new custom made CBD oil/nicotine combo, which is perfect for those looking for support as they move away from smoking cigarettes and nicotine by helping brain chemistry with the transition towards a healthier lifestyle. The science and clinical evidence on CBD oil and brain functions is overwhelming and we believe we have a great avenue for anyone to make a huge health change. We have developed a 3, 6, and 9 step nicotine reduction program that use our Green Cross product to help our clients beat their addiction. The other evidence with CBD oil and anti-inflammatory and immune health would make it great for even just reducing the negative effects of nicotine.

We welcome you to visit our online store at www.UrbanCBDStore.com to view all of our CBD products. CBD is here to change the way we look at health. Let Urban Wellness be your CBD choice and be your guide to a healthier lifestyle.  

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